About Us

Pizza Pie was Born in Bongo in 2014, to bring delicious thick curst pizza to Dar Es Salaam for the first time! After years of eating pizza in Dar es Salaam, we couldn’t help but notice that something was missing. A pizza with handcrafted sauce, indulgent toppings and a fluffy crust.

So we decided to do something about it and set out to bring delicious American style pizza to Tanzania. We created our own brand, sourced delicious ingredients and developed the finest sauce and dough recipes to bring the tastiest pizza to our home town of Dar. While our pizza is the talk of the town, our wings and nutella pie have also made a name for themselves, so make sure to try them as well!

So whether you stop by Mlimani City, Shopper’s Plaza Mikocheni or Shopper’s Plaza Mbezi, we hope you enjoy every bite of your Pizza Pie!

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Handmade crust

Each pizza is prepared from dough we prepare every hour. Our staff put their heart and soul into creating the perfect pizza from scratch for you.
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Fresh local ingredients

All of our pizza toppings are sourced locally and are hand-picked to guarantee freshness and flavor. We use the highest quality ingredients available in the local markets.
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Delivery in a flash

Our technology enabled delivery system ensures fast delivery so your pizza arrives piping hot!
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Proud to be Tanzanian

Pizza Pie was created in Dar Es Salaam. While we aspire to expand internationally with your support, our roots will always remain in Tanzania.

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